Review Amaranth of Rachel Wade

I have received this book free from Rachel Wade for review .

I loved it ! It as an awsome novel ! All vampire novels readers should read it !

The book tell us the story of Camille Hart . You will love this character , it is very good contured .

If you beleive that all the vampire novels are following the same pattern please do not be mad for telling you all this : YOU ARE WRONG ! If you do not want to read Amaranth because it is a vampire novel you should get rid of these feelling now and put it on your WISHLIST . It is different , Rachel Wade has created a wonderful world in this AMAZING book and I am absolutely sure that you will love it . I recommend  it to you with all my heart ! You should read Amaranth !

Camille Hart was not lucky in love , she has suffered a lot after breaking up with her last two boyfriends . She is a student in Paris , althought is is orriginary from Seattle . There is meets Gavin Deveraux , a gorgeous boy who has a big SECRET !

She falls in love with him , but she is so scared , she does not want to suffer again . I guess that you all understand her . After two compromised relations , who will not fell insecure ? Back home , after a while , she has the surprise to meet Gavin . She will learn that he is more than the eyes see . He is more than human , he is immortal , HE IS A VAMPIRE !

Will their relation survive ? What was Camille reaction when she found out that Gavin is a vampire ?

You should read the novel if you are curious to find out the answers of these questions and if you want to learn more about this awsmone story ! Personally , I love it with all my heart ! And I am dying curious to find out your oppinions about this place called Amaranth !

The book capturated me from the first pages . I couldn’t let it down ! Rachel Wade is an amazing writter and Amaranth it is only the begging . I am sure that you know that this is her debut novel and the first from The Resistance Trilogy ! The ending was awsome , I am dying for the sequel ! You will all have ! I hope with all my heart and I am telling you this with all my honesty that I hope to have the opportunity to read Preservation , too ! I love its description ! Another thing that I wanna tell you is that Amaranth is perfect ! Both the cover and the content are amazing ! I do not judge a book by its cover , but as I told you these one has them both ! I would love to see it published in my country ! You will love it ! If you have the chance to read it , please DO NOT MISS IT ! You will not regret !















17 responses

  1. numai de bine am auzit despre Amarath!! Eu o să primesc cât de curând Preservation ♥ ♥ ♥ poate după ce o citesc facem un schimb şi citim cartea celeilalte :)) apoi le trimitem înapoi :)):D

    just sayin’ 😀

    Foarte tare recenzia! Felicitări! :*:*:*

    noiembrie 12, 2012 la 8:16 pm

  2. ioana alexandra

    felicitari pentru recenzie, m-a facut curioasa si cand o sa am timp o sa caut si eu cartile astea. par super si daca ai dat 5 stelute inseamna ca sunt si foarte bune, nu?:)

    noiembrie 13, 2012 la 10:43 am

    • imi place foarte mult recenzia ta …felicitari 5stelute sperbe

      noiembrie 13, 2012 la 12:16 pm

  3. eu nu am auzit nimic despre cartile prezentate de tin, dar sunt superbe o pot spune cu unghia rupta de pe tastatura

    noiembrie 13, 2012 la 12:15 pm

  4. imi place cartea,iar coperta e superba!!!

    noiembrie 13, 2012 la 1:45 pm

    • Ale

      Dap , si mie imi place coperta e frumoasa , interesanta si misterioasa in acelasi timp. Nu pot stii ce se afla sub acea coperta , numai dupa ce o voi citi:D

      noiembrie 24, 2012 la 8:27 pm

      • iulia

        Cam asa,iar despre coperti aceeasi parere :>

        decembrie 24, 2012 la 5:32 pm

  5. imi plac copertile negre si mov:X:X

    noiembrie 18, 2012 la 4:40 pm

  6. Ale

    Imi place recenzie , e foarte bine realizata , felicitari! :* Nu am citit nimic pana acum de Rachel Wade , dar cine stie….

    noiembrie 24, 2012 la 8:25 pm

    • iulia

      Da,recenzia e super!Cat despre autoare,nici eu nu am citit nimic scris de ea inca.

      decembrie 24, 2012 la 5:33 pm

      • nu esti singura care nu a citit aceasta serie …

        decembrie 24, 2012 la 6:49 pm

  7. ioana alexandra

    cum sunt o mare fana a cartilor cu vampiri, cred ca ar cam fi cazul sa o caut si eu si sa o citesc, nu?
    majoritatea cartilor straine pe care le prezinti sunt foarte interesante si mi le doresc si eu

    noiembrie 25, 2012 la 3:37 pm

    • ai incercat vreodata sa citesti Dulcele vals al vampirului? Este o nuvela interesanta si usor de citit

      decembrie 24, 2012 la 10:14 am

  8. Desi imi plac copertile foarte mult, ma observat ca vampirii zilele , lunile astea sunt in fortza , de unde acum 4-5 ani nu au fost observati :)) sunt interesante subiectele nu spun ca nu, dar ce e prea mult strica :))

    noiembrie 26, 2012 la 4:43 am

  9. paunaoana

    desi par coperti de povesti,mi-as dori asemenea carti in biblioteca mea.

    noiembrie 30, 2012 la 8:54 pm

  10. asa e povestile sunt superbe :)) ar arata atat de dragutz

    decembrie 1, 2012 la 6:09 am

  11. Cartea asta a fost grozava. Mi-a oferit o noua perspectiva asupra vampirilor la care nu m-am gandit. Mi-a placut conexiunea dintre Camille si Gavin, tocmai pentru ca exista chimie intre ei si pentru ca, desi era socata de natura lui, l-a acceptat. Cel mai mult m-a enervat Andrew ca tot aparea si nu o lasa pe biata fata in pace, care incerca sa stea departe de pericol, insa din pacate pentru ea acesta mereu o cauta.
    Merita citita de oricine are o afinitate catre cartile paranormale.

    mai 18, 2013 la 3:57 pm

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