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Need – Want 2 ~ Contemporary Romance Adult


Inkspell Publishing

Author: Stephanie Lawton
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 17th, 2013
Length: Super Novel
ISBN Print: 978-1-939590-08-4
ISBN ePub: 978-1-939590-07-7

Isaac Laroche is cursed. All he wants to do is hide out and feel sorry for himself. Never mind that he got caught sleeping with his seventeen-year-old piano student, or that he abandoned her when the truth was exposed.

Isaac’s feisty high school sweetheart has different plans. Heather Swann has returned to their hometown of Mobile, Alabama, to regroup after breaking up with her troll of a fiancé. She’s restless and looking for a diversion, but she bites off more than she can chew when she sets her sights on rehabilitating Isaac with her unorthodox sexual, mental, and physical plans.

The two quickly reconnect, but their happiness is threatened by family secrets, old vendettas and the death of a beloved father-figure.

Can Heather handle Isaac’s baggage, or will her own come back to haunt them both? 

About the Author:

After collecting a couple English degrees in the Midwest, Stephanie Lawton suddenly awoke in the deepest reaches of the Deep South. Culture shock inspired her to write about Mobile, Alabama, her adopted city, and all the ways Southern culture, history and attitudes seduce the unsuspecting.

A lover of all things gothic, she can often be spotted photographing old cemeteries, historic buildings and, ironically, the beautiful beaches of the Gulf Coast. She also has a tendency to psychoanalyze people, which comes in handy when creating character profiles.

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1. Can you tell us something about you and your book Need ?

NEED is the adult companion novel to WANT, a New Adult title released last year. While the first book was told from 17-year-old Juli’s perspective, NEED picks up about three months after the end of WANT and is told from 28-year-old Isaac’s point of view. Things ended badly for him and he’s now trying to pick up the pieces. Pretty hard to do when the whole town thinks you’re a sexual predator or at least a pathetic womanizer. He’s a character you love to hate, but his redemption is a wild ride.

2. When have you decided that you want to be a writer?

I always loved to read and in college I decided I wanted to do jobs that involved nonfiction writing (professional publications, newspapers, etc.) but I didn’t begin writing fiction until four years ago when we moved from the Midwest United States to the Deep South. Although it’s still the United States, it might as well be a different country! I think writing was a way to work through the epic culture shock.

3. Where do you find your inspiration for your novels? (If it’s not a secret) Have you ever found it in your real life?

Inspiration almost always comes from real life. I love contemporary novels and firmly believe truth is stranger than fiction, so I look for ideas in everyday occurrences. This doesn’t mean my books are autobiographical – they aren’t. I just like to build them around grains of truth to make them more believable. I also watch a lot of educational shows and documentaries. I’m always amazed at how often history repeats itself and how those events can be applied to current situations.

4. Do any of your fictional characters resemble you?

Yes. I am a sex-fiend dominatrix like Heather Swann. (KIDDING!) I think most writers put bits of themselves into their characters, though perhaps not consciously. In this series, I’m probably a combination of Juli, her mom and jovial Dave Gaston. But then I can kind of identify with Isaac’s morose outlook. But I can also appreciate Heather’s wacked-out sense of humor and take-charge attitude. Like I said, there are little pieces of me all throughout the books, but none of the characters are based on me or anyone in particular.

5. Which book is the first one that you’ve read?

Wow, I don’t remember the first book I read, but there was a series of children’s nonfiction books that my parents read to me and that I learned to read from. They featured historical figures and I remember being fascinated by the one about Louis Pasteur and little soldiers inside vaccines that helped us not get sick. I also loved the Little House on the Prairie series by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

6. Do you have a favorite book?

Hands down, my favorite is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. There’s so much wit and hidden humor if you know where to look for it.

7. If you were about to leave in a trip which book would you take with you?

I’d take my Kindle because I have an insane back-log of books to be read. I’ve been on a New Adult kick so I’d probably dive into one of those.

8. Tell us one thing you’d like to change at people from nowadays. [you mean about people? not sure I understand the question]

One thing I love about living in the South is that manners still matter. Chivalry isn’t dead here, and nearly everyone is polite. People still say „please” and „thank you” and hold doors for one another. Men call women „ma’am” and women address men as „sir.” I love the respect those titles infer. Little things like that make the hustle of everyday life so much more bearable.

9. Is there a moment in your life you’d like to live again?

Oh man, there are so many dumb mistakes I’ve made that I’d like to go back and correct! There are also some private moments I’d like to experience again (and again, and again, lol!). Otherwise, there’s nothing I’d like to go back and relive because I believe the only way to live is to keep pushing forward.

10. Do you have a message for Romanian readers? Why would you recommend your book?

I’d recommend NEED simply because it’s sexy and insane! I love reading the reviews because they’re like, „WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!?!” Even if it’s not your cup of tea, it’ll grab you by the shirt collar and shake you until it gets your attention. I promise, you’ll be thinking about this book for a long time after you read the last page. 🙂

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  1. Foarte interesant şi mulţumim pentru GA. Nu am auzit de cartea asta până acum.

    Iunie 19, 2013 la 6:59 am

  2. eh, succes tuturor participantilor .Mandrie si prejudecata eu inca nu am terminat de lecturat cartea asta . Imi place interviul .

    Iunie 19, 2013 la 7:22 am

  3. felicitari pentru interviu , interesanta carte

    Iunie 19, 2013 la 9:29 am

  4. Multumesc mult pentru găzduirea acestui interviu! Sper că vă place cartea!

    Iunie 19, 2013 la 1:33 pm

  5. cu siguranță ne va face plăcere să o lecturăm.

    Iunie 22, 2013 la 7:00 am

  6. Romina Gianina

    Nu auzisem de ea pana acum desi pare o carte buna

    Iunie 22, 2013 la 8:26 am

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  8. Frumos vede ca ai muncit la el 🙂

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  9. Andreea

    Felicitari pentru interviu!E foarte interesant si cartea la fel.

    Iunie 25, 2013 la 11:45 am

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    Felicitari. Cartea pare a fi la fel de interesanta precum coperta. Ador orice e legat de muzica/ instrumente, etc : ))

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